A Little Extra Love Animals

Animals who needs a little extra love before being adopted.

Penny Lane

Meet our current A Little Extra Love Animals who need additional medical attention while in our care.

Commonly, animals enter our rescue due to underlying medical issues that needed special attention. We place them in an appropriate foster home that is able to provide daily medical care, along with being able to transport them back and forth to appointments with us.

Some of the animals have life long medical issues that are more intense, or have a high financial burden and so are now "FurEver Fosters". This means that they will be with their foster family and in our medical care for the rest of their lives. Pawsitive Hope continues to provide the medical costs to care for the animal, while they stay in a permanent loving foster home.

Other animals are placed in a foster home receiving medical care until they are healthy enough to be adopted.  As there is often no way to know exactly how long these animals will stay in our care, it can become expensive quickly.  Please consider giving whatever you can to the care of these animals so they can move on to live love healthy lives with their Furever Families!

What it is:

  • An animal, who needs a foster, who has medical care needs that should diminish or become manageable over time.
  • Our rescue will cover/continue the medical care & costs for the animal during the fostering period.
  • Once cleared to be officially adopted, their new adopted family will need to move forward for care with their personal vet for the animal.

Current Medical Cases: updated 02/05/24

Remi 2


  • ~6-7 year old spayed Female Domestic Shorthair Cat, weighs about 7 pounds
  • Remi came to us a stray, found outside by one of our regular fosters while on a bike ride.
  • Remi was emaciated and dehydrated, had a nail overgrown into her pad, was covered in and actively having diarrhea, started vomiting, and had advanced dental disease.
  • This little girl has had her teeth cleaned which involved the removal of most of them, but 4 canines were left in tact.  She is on an antibiotic, a probiotic and an anti-inflammatory treatment for a while longer.
  • Remi may continue to have oral inflammation flare ups, even without her teeth, but she is otherwise healing and eating well.
  • While we believe Remi is around 6-7 years old, it is impossible to know for sure due to her condition when we first saw her. She could be older still.  This is important to note where future care is concerned. She will need a close watch in future years as she may show signs of age far earlier than expected.

Remi was tested for both Feline Leukemia and FIV, and thankfully both were negative. She was treated for her dehydration and to calm her belly.  Tthe report is that she is eating and drinking normally, no more vomiting or diarrhea and is a super sweet girl!

Remi gets along well with her foster mom's other animals, both dogs and cats.  She does fine until they bark, so it seems she isn't crazy about commotion, and we're thinking a quieter, calmer home would be best for her. She loves her toys and her food, and she loves pets, though she doesn't always want to be held, just to lay on you.  She is vocal and gives small love bites if she doesn't feel like she's getting enough attention.  Remi will likely always have some mouth issues, but she is happy and otherwise healthy, and just needs someone to love on her, pet her to her little heart's content.  This girl is super sweet and we hope ready to get on with her life with a great family. Find her on here, and put in your application now!



  • About 2 years old, spayed female retriever mix, weighing approximately 53 pounds.
  • Dolly came to us from the Stark County Dog Warden. She was covered in fleas and ticks, and as a result has a skin infection for which she is currently being treated.
  • She is also suffering from ear infections and an upper respiratory infection, and is being treated for everything.
  • So far Dolly is doing well with her foster's family.  She seems house trained but dislikes the snow, and is getting along well with other dogs and cats.

Dolly's history is something of a mystery, but she is a super sweet girl, being given the time in a safe space to heal and relax.  Once she is free of infection and feeling healthy, we'll get a full picture of her personality and then comes the work and waiting of finding the right place for her to call home.  Keep checking back if you think this gorgeous girl might be right for your family.




  • Approximately 3 months old, female English Mastiff/Pit Bull Terrier mix, weighing about 27 pounds
  • Dory came to us through a litter surrender from an accidental breeding
  • While Dory's siblings are doing well, she had some swelling in her lower legs, and we are running some tests to determine the cause and treat her accordingly.

Dory's swelling has improved quite a bit so far on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory medication.  Her foster says she is extremely playful as any pup should be, and seems to be doing well. We're monitoring this not-so-little one a little while longer and hoping she continues to improve so she can go home with her furever family ASAP! Keep an eye on this sweet girl!


Nam Nam

  • Believed to be about 12 years old, female Pit Bull Terrier, weighing about 46 pounds.
  • Nam Nam came to us from the Stark County Dog Warden, an old girl and a little under the weather.
  • This old girl was treated for worms, fleas and arthritis upon arrival, as well as given some supplements to help her deal with the anxieties of her new surroundings, trying to keep her digestion in a good place.
  • After she arrived to her foster family's home, Nam Nam began refusing to eat and experienced some diarrhea.
  • Nam Nam did have an overgrowth of giardia in her digestive tract.  While this may have been the cause of the diarrhea she was experiencing from which she is still healing, there is also potential that as an older girl she has a sensitive stomach, or there could be another underlying issue.
  • Nam Nam does indeed have arthritis, and will need regular treatments and supplements to make her more comfortable.
  • Nam Nam's teeth are in need of a good cleaning, and several will need to come out.

Nam Nam has improved, and we will continue to monitor her closely so she can be her best self with her new family!  This girl has a new lease on life, and lots of love left to give.  Please consider donating to her care using the options on our home page!

PHI-A-514-0 (1)


  • Approximately 4 month old, neutered male domestic shorthair kitten, weighing about 5 pounds
  • Goose came to us by way of a Good Samaritan, very lethargic with severe diarrhea.
  • We have treated him for all his symptoms and Goose is recovering wonderfully!
  • He is no longer contagious, but we would still feel more comfortable with a foster to adopt situation, just to ensure he is back to full health.

Goose is crazy, brave, adventurous, fearless but also sweet and fun purring kitten! Goose loves many things in this thing called life, but crinkle toys and springs are his favorites! We feel that he will definitely need another kitten or playmate as he can be a bit rowdy. When the day grows tired so does sweet Goose and he's ready to snuggle up for the evening!



  • Approx. 6 years old, neutered male Domestic Short Hair cat, weighing about 11 pounds.
  • Al's original owner passed away and their family put him outside.  A neighbor, sensing that Al was having some difficulties, brought him to us, and the rest is history!
  • While in our care, Al has been neutered, had an abcess repaired, and had a dental with a few extractions.

Al has had a few different issues arise since he's been with us.  He does have allergies which are under control, but since his two buddies were adopted, he is lonely.  Al does not want to be by himself, he needs company!  He exhibits anxiety by pulling out his own fur when he is without a human companion for long.  Al loves people, is picky about his feline friends, and does NOT care for dogs.  He's got years left to live, and we hope he can live them comfortably and happily with his Furever Family!  Submit an application if this is your boy!


Mr. Buttersworth

  • Approx. 2 year old, neutered male Siamese cat weighing about 10 pounds
  • Mr. B was a stray, we believe dumped with several other cats.
  • He has some digestive tract issues resulting in looser stools.  He does have stomatitis which can be a chronic issue.
  • We are trying a hypoallergenic food to see if it assists in solving Mr. B.'s digestive issues.

Mr. Buttersworth is on deck to undergo some additional testing to learn more about his digestive issues.  He isn't quite where we'd like him to be and we aim to help get him sorted out so he can live his best life with his future furever family!

By and large, Mr. Buttersworth is a happy guy.  According to his foster:

"He is vocal and meows often! He is nervous and prefers to be petted, but if you have to hold him he doesn't mind it! He loves to rub on your legs and rolls over for love. Follows me throughout my downstairs. He LOVES food! He eats his dry food very well. He is exploring and learning to play with the cat tree and the many little crinkle ball toys! He loves to be talked too and is such a loving unique guy!"  Are you his future family?  Put in an application to take this sweet guy home!

UPDATE: Mr. Buttersworth has settled into his foster to adopt home and is improving enough that they are beginning to wean him off his prescriptions!  We so hope he will finish settling in and this issue will resolve!