Furever Fosters

What is a Furever Foster?

Pawsitive Hope Inc. takes on many animals in need of medical care.  Most animals are adopted out but at times animals are taken on that need long term or life long care.  Sometimes they are hospice, sometimes they have specialized medical needs that the general public isn't willing to adopt, and sometimes their medical needs cost too much for the average animal lover.  Pawsitive Hope foster homes provide their Furever Fosters with loving homes and medical care while the rescue supplies all the medication, food and supplies that they need.  We are always looking for foster homes! Please visit the Adopt page to apply.


Below we have pictures and information about our Furever Fosters.  You can also choose to sponsor a month of their medical needs financially.  We appreciate every single person willing to help our animals.



Who remembers Charlie our diabetic boy?! He came to us after his owner passed away early in 2020.
He has been in a wonderful long-term Medical foster home for the last few months.
We are looking to raise money to help with his diabetic expenses. Charlie receives insulin injections twice daily and he’s on a diabetic cat prescription food as well. We are looking for help with purchasing his upcoming insulin. Charlie is on a feline specific insulin that has worked well for him although it is very expensive. We are looking to raise $350. Thanks!