What is a Furever Foster?

Pawsitive Hope Inc. takes on many animals in need of medical care. Most animals are adopted out but at times animals are taken on that need long term or life long care. Sometimes they are hospice, sometimes they have specialized medical needs that the general public isn't willing to adopt, and sometimes their medical needs cost too much for the average animal lover. Pawsitive Hope foster homes provide their Furever Fosters with loving homes and medical care while the rescue supplies all the medication, food and supplies that they need.

We are always looking for foster homes! Please visit the Adopt page to apply.

  • What it is:
    • usually animals with a medical condition that is will be costly/involved therefore difficult to find someone to adopt pet
    • family will care for pet lifelong 
    • rescue performed advanced medical care and covers the costs 
    • if specialist or expert medical care needed rescue covers cost 
  • Fosters cover the costs of:
    • preventative care, vaccines, food and yearly appointments
    • basic dietary needs of the animal 
    • Pawsitive Hope will pay for any additional needs—prescription food medications needed—if foster cannot

Below we have pictures and information about our Furever Fosters. You can also choose to sponsor a month of their medical needs financially. We appreciate every single person willing to help our animals.



Who remembers Charlie our diabetic boy? He came to us after his owner passed away early in 2020. He has been in a wonderful long-term Medical foster home for the last few months. We are looking to raise money to help with his diabetes expenses. Charlie receives insulin injections twice daily and he’s on a diabetic cat prescription food as well. We are looking for help with purchasing his upcoming insulin. Charlie is on a feline specific insulin that has worked well for him although it is very expensive. Your donations help support animals like Charlie.


Mia-Lucy entered our rescue in November 2020, when she was found as a stray having advanced seizures. The seizures were so bad that she needed to be placed on an IV and have the medications constantly administered to her to prevent them from starting over again. Every time we felt we were making headway with her, she would have a cluster of advanced seizures again. We sent her to a specialist to assist with her workup and helping us create a therapy plan. Mia has improved and has a longer span between seizures, but every few months she requires hospitalization because they are so advanced. Mia is in long term foster care and receives 3 different medications multiple times a day to help control her seizures.



Franklin was originally taken in by Carroll county dog pound after having been adopted from the Stark County Humane Society. The adoptive owner surrendered him because he was a runner. Franklin was extremely afraid and unsure of people in general. He tried to run from people and shook nervously. We sent him to one of our amazing fosters, Penny, who loves to work with the nervous little dogs, (especially white ones). Franklin was extremely matted with urine staining on his legs and belly, but unfortunately since he was so nervous he needed to be sedated to be groomed and have an exam performed on him. This poor guy had such over grown nails that some were growing into his skin. Franklin was starting to slowly warm up to Penny in the home. He did well with the other dogs but still was unsure of being touched. After a few more months, Franklin has warmed up more and more to Penny. He will let her pet him and roll over for stomach rubs now.  Franklin has improved greatly, but due to his nervous nature we have decided to make him a Furever Foster.