About Us

Who is Pawsitive Hope?

Pawsitive Hope Inc. is an animal rescue that has many parts; we take in animals with medical issues from shelters, take in owner surrendered medical animals, and provide medical / surgical care to animals that are part of other rescues. 

Pawsitive Hope Inc. also assists in educating the public on the benefits of spaying / neutering, we financially assist low income families to have their pets altered and we have created a program called Fix A Family that is available to families with pregnant dogs/cats, or dog/cats with litters. We provide medical care for the moms and puppies until the puppies are weaned. We then vaccinate, deworm, apply flea prevention, microchip and spay/neuter puppies, subsequently placing  the animals up for adoption. We will also spay/neuter the parent dogs free of charge and return them to their owners.  In addition we alter cats that are part of Trap, Neuter, Release programs.

We volunteer our services as veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants to spay/ neuter clinics for low income families. 

Medical Staff & Members

Pawsitive Hope Medical Staff


Stacy Bridges, DVM
Graduate of The Ohio State University 2007
Board member of Pawsitive Ohio

Veterinary Technicians

Sophia Serena, RVT and Erika Sedei are Veterinary Technicians and former students of Dr. Bridges.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that caring for animals is a broad spectrum issue, it’s much more than medical care, it’s about education, outreach, and compassion.
  • When it’s possible, “rescue medicine” should not be any less than the medicine practice for an owned animal.
  • A family adopting a “rescue animal” should be informed about underlying medical conditions.
  • That lack of education and finances involved with spay/neuter adds to overcrowding in the shelter environments, which in turn leads to the death of highly adoptable animals.
  • That we are responsible to help the animals and families that cross our paths.

Our Mission

  • To diagnose and treat the dogs in the facility as best as possible, while providing as much medical information as we can to potential adopters.
  • To educate the public about overpopulation and the benefits of spay and neuter.
  • To find suitable and loving homes for advanced/special needs dogs.

Local Programs Outside the Shelter

The highest amount of dogs entering our local shelters are pit bulls.
We have come to realize that a large portion of this population is due to lack of finances to get their dogs fixed, or lack of education about altering their animals. We donate supplies and medical services to Pawsitive Ohio’s Pawsitive PitCrew. The PitCrew is designed to offer low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping and aftercare to targeted areas in Stark County. Our team also volunteers at community rabies and vaccine clinics. We feel that this helps in keeping financially restricted members of the public and their dogs protected. It allows us to spread awareness about clinics such as the Pawsitive PitCrew and low-cost spay/neuter clinics like the AlterClinic.